What We Do

Starbeast Inferno Productions aims to provide inclusive experiences with excellent storytelling to create games that all people can enjoy.


Thought out, believable scenarios with developed characters that allow players to progress through unique stories in their own way.


Creating fictional worlds that better reflect our reality, with characters that embody the full range of gender, race, orientation, and beyond.


Games that are fun and enjoyable, even beyond the scope of storytelling.

About Starbeast Inferno Productions

In the midst of pandemic lockdowns and time apart, Starbeast Inferno Productions came together as a group of friends hoping to find a silver lining. Developing new skills, chasing ambitions, and years of working together as friends and creatives led to projects that would never have been possible before, and now we’re hoping to bring these ambitious projects of ours to you.

The group’s name was born from a long-term Dungeons and Dragons campaign, and we’ve brought the elements of collaborative storytelling, improvisation, and the vast potential of role-playing with us to the video game realm.

A screenshot from an early Build of Elven Revenue Service.

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